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Reuse Working Group

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Founded in November 2020, The CLF-Boston Reuse group focuses on the many aspects of building and material reuse in the built environment, all with the goal of reducing embodied carbon and working towards a more sustainable future. Deconstruction, which is fundamentally tied to reuse, along with waste diversion and recycling efforts, plays a key role in understanding where the built environment is Boston is right now, and where it needs to go. Members of the reuse group represent an array of stakeholder groups across the built environment: Architects and Designers, Contractors, Policy-Makers, Manufacturers, and more. 

Meeting once a month, this subcommittee hosts guest speakers that share a variety of perspectives, experiences, and lessons on all aspects of reuse, deconstruction, and waste diversion. Policy makers from across the country, designers working towards a circular economy, contractors breaking through barriers of deconstruction, and other industry leaders are just some of the speakers that have brought new and innovative ideas to our group. See our most recent meetings on our YouTube Channel. Sign up to join our 2024 meetings by registering here.

In addition to hosting monthly guest speakers, the Reuse group is very involved in regional policy and reuse advocacy, hoping to bolster and grow the industry around us by providing policy makers insight into the professional challenges and opportunities related to reuse in the Boston market.

Members of this group have been collaborating on a Reuse Roadmap, which details the current state of the regional industry, along with best practices from around the U.S. to help practitioners, policy makers, and other industry leaders to work towards a lower carbon future.

We welcome any and all established or aspiring professionals who want to make a difference to listen, collaborate, and join the evolving discussion on reuse as we hope to lead the discussion on it’s carbon impacts in Boston, and beyond.

Upcoming & Past Meetings

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